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Lab: Sept. 21, 2010 GEOMETRY MANIPULATIONS FILTER and GAIN TESTS GEOMETRY Do the following during laboratory for the S-type data collected on 011410 at the 17 th St. Avenue Canal breach 1. Convert the data from DAT format into SU format (Use: convert.pl) 2. View individual shot gathers (Use: View_single_files.sh) 3. Concatenate shot gathers 1004.su through 1011.su into one file and view this data (Use: cat_1004_1011QC.sh*)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Add the difference of the shear shot gathers (Use: QC_cat_SH_diff.sh) 5. Change the header data of the shear shot gathers to reflect that the first shot receiver offset is 0.3m and that every successive offset increments by also 0.3 m Please hand in on paper the four scripts that show the above work for a grade by the start of the class on Sept 29 (Wednesday) lab a week from today....
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