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Homework #1 , F 2009 due Sept. 2 by 7.30 .am. Please submit paper copies. All work should be shown and typed. Please, do not submit the homework via e-mail. Using Excel, Matlab, Maple or just a text editor, find the following parameters: Bulk modulus Shear Modulus Bulk density For (a) air (b) water (fresh or salty) (c) glass (1) Assuming solid, elastic conditions, calculate V s and V P (2) Just using the equation describe in words and mathematically, how density and velocity vary with respect to each other.
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Unformatted text preview: (3) Plot V s and V P versus density (on the X-axis) (4) From the plot describe in words how density and velocity vary with respect to each other. (5) Explain the difference between your responses to (2) and (3) Comments: Year 2009 Velocity varies inversely with the square root of the density. Cite sources. Note that a web references should be verified by finding 3 sources for the same information. Best answer was by Guofeng Yuan - 100...
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