Midterm_2009,chm310 - Name CHEMISTRY 310S Environmental...

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1 Name CHEMISTRY 310S •Environmental Chemistry MidTerm Examination February 26, 2009 DO NOT OPEN UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO BEGIN!!! Answer all questions in ink ; simply cross out mistakes. There should be NO talking or conversing or discussions of politics during the test. If you have questions please raise your hand. Please leave as quietly as possible so that others may continue to take their tests without interruption. Thank you and have a good time. " I’m not really interested in persuading people…what I’d like to do is help people persuade themselves ." ~ Noam Chomsky " If you torture data sufficiently, it will confess to almost anything ." ~Fred Menger Hammett Substituent Constants Group σ para σ meta NH 2 -0.57 -0.16 OH -0.38 0.13 OCH 3 -0.28 0.11 CH 3 -0.14 -0.16 H 0 0 Phenyl 0.05 0.05 F 0.15 0.34 Cl 0.24 0.37 Br 0.26 0.39 I 0.28 0.35 COOH 0.44 0.35 CF 3 0.53 0.43 CN 0.70 0.61 NO 2 0.81 0.71 Total: 66 Pts; 10 Questions; only 5.5 pages • •
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2 1. (10 Points). Please provide lewis structures for the following: a) Hydroxide ion: b) Carbonate radical: c) Nitrate plus the products of the photolysis rxn (3 lewis structures in all): 2. (5 Points). Please arrange the following five “substituents” in order of their F(x) value used
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Midterm_2009,chm310 - Name CHEMISTRY 310S Environmental...

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