Organizing Paper - ORGANIZING PAPER 1 Organizing Paper...

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ORGANIZING PAPER 1 Organizing Paper Gloria Aguilar MGT330 December 19, 2011 Susan Mills
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Organizing Paper As any other business, colleges and universities small or large are in the business of selling education, and as business they require functional departmentalization, not only for the purposes of being organize but also under federal regulations, separation of duties is required and mandate when participating under the federal programs. Under business functions, departments are specialized and grouped by the expertise they required: production, marketing, human resources, research and development, finance, accounting, technology and others. This paper will discuss and evaluate three of the organizational resources that apply to private for profit College or universities financial aid and business office organization: Financial management system, knowledge and technology. Private for profit colleges or universities are normally own and managed by private organizations or corporations, and there is those that are owned by one or two private business individuals. But just them alone could not conduct business so they must create and established the departments needed for each function of the college. Business office or Financial Aid department is one of the most important departments within a college that is responsible for the financial management part of the business. A college or university financial management system must provide operational control over the responsibility for all federal financial aid programs. This procedures deal with the organization and control to identify and record transactions. College and universities organize and manage their operations differently. Some of the factors are the size of the school, organizational structure, staffing, automation, and federal program participation.
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Organizing Paper - ORGANIZING PAPER 1 Organizing Paper...

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