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02_Data_Treatment-page7 - mean median and mode This is a...

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Introducing a bias is not always a bad thing. The bias could be due to a true difference between the populations It also could be due to poor sampling of a population. We need tools to tell the difference. Ideally, all three values should be the same. If not the same, at least very close
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Unformatted text preview: mean, median and mode This is a test to see if a population is Gaussian. g = $ ( x - x) 3 N i=1 N s x 3 g = 0 g < 0 g > 0 For smaller data sets, we use the following variance = s 2 = $ ( x i- x ) 2 / (n-1) standard deviation = s = s 2 degrees of freedom = df = n-1 (typically) n i=1...
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