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Unformatted text preview: iR drop of cell iR drop of cell Electrolytic 1V Galvanic Electrolytic Galvanic E to counter E galvanic overpotential 1V Apply a value with the goal of reaching the ‘final’ concentration [Cu2+]electrode [Cu2+]bulk For our example, lets assume that [Cu2+]bulk = 10-2 M [Cu2+]electrode = 10-4 M then Ebulk = 0.337 + 0.0592 2 log(10-2) = 0.278 Eelectrode = 0.337 + 0.0592 2 log(10-4) = 0.219 !conc = Eelectrode - Ebulk = -0.059V Concentration overpotential can never be eliminated. However, it can be reduced. Use efficient stirring Use a low current density Low current - slower reaction Large electrode - more area for reaction. ...
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