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Unformatted text preview: We can determine the number of mg sodium carbonate / ml of HCl by: mg Na CO = (1.00 ml HCl)(0.1200M)(.5)(105.99g/mol) 2 Calculation of the % sodium carbonate is now reduced to: % Na2CO3 = 100 x mlHCl x titer / wt sample 3 = 6.36 mg Our titer then is 6.36 mg Na2CO3 / ml HCl. A 1.6732 gram sample is dissolved and titrated with HCl (titer of 5.00 mg/ml). 34.60 ml of HCl is required to reach the methyl orange endpoint. Determine % Na2CO3 %Na2CO3 = (34.50ml)(5.00mg/ml) (100) 1673.2 mg sample = 10.31% This is a very straight forward calculation that can readily be taught to an assistant will minimal training. ...
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