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Unformatted text preview: So the E for electrolysis is actually: Eapp = (Eanode + !ac + !aa) - (Ecathode + !cc + !ca) !ac = concentration overpotential at anode !aa = activation overpotential at anode !cc = concentration overpotential at cathode !ca = activation overpotential at cathode This explains why many reactions do not proceed as expected or will not occur at all. Can Pb2+ be quantitatively be separated from Cu2+ by electrodeposition? Assume that our solution starts with 0.1M of each metal ion. We’ll define quantitative as only 1 part in 10,000 cross contamination (99.99%) Cu2+ + 2e = Cu Pb2+ + 2e = Pb 0.0592 2 0.0592 2 1 10-5 E = 0.337V E = -0.126V 1 0.1 ...
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