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Unformatted text preview: Both oxidation and reduction occur during a titration. The equivalence point is based on the concentration of the oxidized and reduced form of all species involved. Aox + Bred = Ared + Box Ce4+ + Fe2+ = Ce3+ + Fe3+ For a REDOX titration, the equivalence point is the point where Eforward = Ereverse. Ecell = 0 Since the E values are concentration dependent, we must rely on the Nernst equation E = Eo - 0.0592 n [A ] log [Ared] ox At the equivalence point: [A ] [B ] 0.0592 0.0592 EAo log red = EBo log red [Aox] [Box] nA nB Since Ared=Box and Bred=Aox at the equivalence point, we can reduce this to: Eeq = n E o + nBEBo Eeq = A A nA + nB nAEAo + nBEBo nA + nB Determine the Eeq for the following reaction: Fe2+ + Ce4+ = Fe3+ + Ce3+ Eo Fe3+/Fe2+ Eo Ce4+/Ce3+ = +0.771V = +1.70 V nFe = 1, nCe = 1 Eeq = 1.70V + 0.771V = 1.24 V 2 ...
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