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Unformatted text preview: E1/2 values are listed verses the SCE. Not the same as Eo values Are also dependent on the supporting electrolyte used for the analysis. Typical range is -1.9 to +0.2 V vs SCE. Supporting E1/2 vs SCE electrolyte Reaction Cu2+ Sn4+ Cu Sn2+ 0.04 -0.25 0.1 M KCl 4 M NH4Cl,1 M HCl Pb2+ Pb2+ Pb2+ Pb Pb Pb -0.40 -0.50 -0.76 0.1 M KCl 0.4 M Na tartrate 1 M NaOH If more than a single species is present, the curves will add on top of each other. i Note how the E1/2 value can be shifted by changing the supporting electrolyte. V Potential is still varied linearly with time but the current is only sampled for 5-20 msec/drop near the end. This results in smoother data. TAST i V t classical V ...
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