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Unformatted text preview: tR tm t’R Retention volume or time may be used for identification. For a homologous series, VR can be accurately determined by: where and To determine an unknown carbon number: x = n1 + (n2-n1) lnVx - lnVn1 lnVn2 - lnVn1 n2 > x > n1 This can only be used for straight chain compounds and the unknown must fall between n1 and n2. ln V’n = a + bn V’n = adjusted retention volume n = carbon number a, b = fit parameters V’n = Vn - Vm For non-paraffins, we can simply calculate an index value like it was a paraffin. The value does not need to be a whole number. Ip = n1 + lnVx - lnVn1 lnVn2 - lnVn1 n2 > x > n1 n2 and n1 are reference paraffins. ...
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