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12 Ground Surveys • Lines very close together for higher resolution. Max. line spacing; h/ δ x>1 • Wherever possible, conduct surveys perpendicular to strike • If 3D survey, use simplest grid • Establish base station to incorporate drift (should be in flat terrain, away from electromagnetic field sources, and easy to reoccupy) • Return to base every at least every hour for reading, or (best) implement continuously recording station • Position and elevation now routinely recorded with GPS:
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Unformatted text preview: Continuous Discrete station locations Magnetic Cleanliness You cannot be too obsessed with magnetic cleanliness. (Burger 1992) belt buckles, eyeglasses, pocket knives, spiral-bound notebooks, etc. power lines, buildings w/metal beams, wire fences, the field vehicle. Keep sensor at least 1 meter from ground, else soil variations might dominate the signal....
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