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L13_WavesAndRaysII-page10 - to the magnet generating a...

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Applied Geophysics – Waves and rays - II Seismic sources Consider Energy input Repeatability Cost Convenience Explosives • Various sizes – target depth • Safety and expense can be an issue Air guns •A t sea • Very repeatable • Large array for big signal Vibroseis • No pulse, frequency sweep • Significant signal with stacking/deconvolution Applied Geophysics – Waves and rays - II Seismic receivers Geophones
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Unformatted text preview: to the magnet generating a electrical signal • Geophones are sensitive to velocity Hydrophones • Used at sea • Use piezoelectric minerals to sense pressure variations Instrument response • The relation between the input ground motion and the output electrical signal Natural frequency • The frequency which produces the maximum amplitude output Damping • Reduces the amplitude of the natural frequency response and prevents infinite oscillations • Want a flat response...
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