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Physics 235 Chapter 09 - 17 - κ = k 2 T 0 ' We can use this relation to calculate db / d θ and get the following differential cross section: σθ ( ) = k 2 T 0 ' 2 1 sin 4 /2 ( ) We conclude that the intensity of scattered projectile nuclei will decrease when the scattering angle increases. If the energy of projectile nuclei is low enough, the measured angular distribution will agree with the so-called Rutherford distribution over the entire angular range, as was first shown by Geiger and Marsden in 1913 (see Figure 8 left). Each trajectory of the projectile can be characterized by distance of closest approach and there is a one-to-one correspondence between the scattering angle and this distance of closest approach. The smallest distance of closest approach occurs when the projectile is scattered backwards (
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