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Chapter07-page1 - Physics 235 Chapter 7 Chapter 7...

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Physics 235 Chapter 7 - 1 - Chapter 7 Hamilton's Principle - Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics Many interesting physics systems describe systems of particles on which many forces are acting. Some of these forces are immediately obvious to the person studying the system since they are externally applied. Other forces are not immediately obvious, and are applied by the external constraints imposed on the system. These forces are often difficult to quantify, but the effect of these forces is easy to describe. Trying to describe such a system in terms of Newton's equations of motion is often difficult since it requires us to specify the total force. In this Chapter we will see that describing such a system by applying Hamilton's principle will allow us to determine the equation of motion for system for which we would not be able to derive these equations easily on the basis of Newton's laws. We should stress however, that Hamilton's
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