Outline4020A_Fall2011 - YORK UNIVERSITY Department of...

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Unformatted text preview: YORK UNIVERSITY Department of Economics ADVANCED MACROECONOMIC ANALYSIS ECON 4020 Fall 2011 Continuously updated, this version from 11 August, 2011 Instructor: Nils-Petter (Nippe) Lagerl&f E-mail: lagerlof@econ.yorku.ca (indicate 4020 in e-mail correspondence). See tips on communicating by e-mail below. O ce: Vari Hall 1056 O ce hours: Mondays 2-3 pm. You may send questions by e-mail (lagerlof@econ.yorku.ca). I usually reply relatively quickly, if the questions are clearly formulated; see tips on how to write e-mails below. Note that I discuss marking and grading in writing only, if at all. Teaching Assistant: Probably none, we ll see. Teaching web site: www.nippelagerlof.com/teaching/teaching.htm Lecture hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.00-11.30 am in CB (I am guessing that means the Chemistry Building) room 129. Late enrollment: I never sign any papers to let students enroll late. General course description: This is an introduction to what is often called modern macro. This roughly means macro with lots of micro in it (so- called micro foundations ). Topics-wise, the material here is similar to what you may have seen in other macro courses (growth, employment, money, ination, etc.), but it is more technical, involves more equations, more of solving utility maximization problems, etc. Modern macro also uses a lot of dynamic models, meaning they have many time periods (more than two, usu- ally innitely many). A more conceptual dierence is that economic policy is here often thought of as being endogenous (i.e., the outcome of a rational 1 choice), rather than exogenous. Notably, this is not a course in everyone&s taste; if you do not like math, and nd it hard in the beginning already,...
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Outline4020A_Fall2011 - YORK UNIVERSITY Department of...

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