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13. The Boltzmann Distribution Consider a isolated system of N molecules that has the set { ± i } energy levels associated with it. Since the system is isolated the total energy, E, and the total number of particles will be constant. The total energy is given by E = X i N i ± i , (13.1) where N i is the number of particles in energy state i. The total number of particles is, of course, N = X i
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Unformatted text preview: N i (13.2) The number of con fi gurations for the system is then given by the number of distinct permutations of the system W = N ! N 1 ! N 2 ! ··· . (13.3) A system in equilibrium always tries to maximize entropy and minimize energy and so the equilibrium con fi guration is a compromise between these two cases . 94 94...
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