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so the useful relation becomes μ ∂U ∂V T = T nR V nb P = nRT V nb nRT V nb + n 2 a V 2 =+ n 2 a V 2 (17.11) The equation of state for U :Exp re s s U in terms of T,V, and P. Start with the total di f erential of U dU = μ ∂U ∂T V dT + μ ∂U ∂V T dV (17.12) but ¡ ∂U ∂T ¢ V = C V and ¡ ∂U ∂V ¢ T = T ¡ ∂P ∂T ¢ V P (useful relation). Hence dU = C V dT + T
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