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3. Assignment: Paragraphs and Topic Sentences Write two paragraphs about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it. Post your paper as an attachment. Attach the Certificate of Originality separately. Interest rates are what you pay when you use someone else's money.   With credit a  person may believe that they can purchase a more expensive product. If they can pay  small monthly payments and do not have to come up with the cash up front, they are  more likely to purchase more products.  Some people do not get affected by interest  rates. If they can't afford to buy something for cash - they don't buy it. If people really 
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Unformatted text preview: need something then they will not think twice about buying it. If they need a house they buy it no matter what the rate is. When the rates are low you pay less for the money and can afford to buy more, if you buy based on payments . Let’s say you buy a car for $20,000 and finance it at 10% interest. You may make payments for 5 years and at the end of 5 years you would have paid a total of $25,496 in car payments. $20,000 for the car and $5,496 for the rent on the money....
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