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ASSIGNMENT PROBLEM RESIDENCY PROBLEM 1 Aaron, a 25-year old Canadian, commenced his doctoral studies at UCLA in August 20X1. Prior to leaving for the U.S. he had never been outside Canada. He expects to complete his degree in 20X5. While at UCLA he became engaged to Angela, an American also studying at UCLA. Aaron received a 4-year scholarship from a Canadian organization prior to enrolling at UCLA. He also received an annual scholarship and teaching assistantship from UCLA. He had no other income while at UCLA. REQUIRED: (a) Determine Aaron’s residency status for each year from 20X1 to 20X5. (b) Based on your answer to (a), what income must Aaron report in Canada for each of the five years?
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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 2 Kelly and her husband are Canadians who have lived and worked in Boston from 20X0 to early 20X5. Throughout this period, Kelly and her husband were not considered tax residents of Canada. On February 1, 20X5, Kelly accepted a position with a Canadian corporation in Sherbrooke, Quebec. She rented an apartment in Sherbrooke shortly thereafter. Her husband remained in Boston and continued to live in their Boston home. You are a CRA auditor who believes Kelly should be considered a resident of Canada following her 20X5 move to Sherbrooke. Prepare a list of critical facts (with a brief explanation of their importance) which would be needed to prove or disprove your case....
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