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CHAPTER 7: 1) What are the key points to remember when proposing and narrowing a topic? There are six points to keep in mind when narrowing and proposing a topic. First action to take is to do some preliminary research for the sources to get a general idea of the topic. Next is to break down the broad topic into its components. The writer should consider the specific point in history or the influence of a particular event when breaking down the topic. Then, the scope of the essay should be kept in mind; the scope should be neither too broad nor too narrow. Keeping one’s own perspective is another key point. Also, formulating a few questions help the structure of the reading and writing. The answers to the questions that come to mind through this process will result in a potential thesis for the essay. It is always crucial to consider the scope and focus when proposing a topic. 2) Briefly explain how one narrows for ONE of the following: biographical subjects; contemporary subjects; issues for argument. Biographical subject: After deciding on a historical figure, it is important to choose a point in time and find a focus when narrowing the topic. For instance, instead
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Post response - CHAPTER 7 1 What are the key points to...

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