Lecture - September 3

Lecture - September 3 - Monday, September 3, 2007 History...

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Monday, September 3, 2007 History 313 Today’s talking points: 1.Hamilton’s view 2. Jefferson-Madison view 3. Jay’s Treaty - The origin of the two party system was the division between Hamilton and Jefferson/Madison on foreign policy. - Americans were doubly blessed at Independence; they had geography and a unique federal government led by unique founders. The people who secured independence also wrote the constitution. This combined the intellectual and political leaders in the same people, and the theoretical and practical met in the constitution. - It was also true that even Madison was unsure whether the government could survive. “We are in a wilderness without even a single footstep to guide us,” he said. - The theme of this week is that the survival of the United States was intimately connected to events abroad. From 1789-1915 the United States struggled to survive and keep the union alive. - What should America do about the British? They had forts in America, a navy, the opportunity and the will to harm the new United States. America was now armed with a stronger central government, and Madison proposed breaking British control through a series of measures and threatening other nations to treat
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Lecture - September 3 - Monday, September 3, 2007 History...

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