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triboelectric_series - Table 2.6A The Triboelectric Series...

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Unformatted text preview: Table 2.6A The Triboelectric Series Each substance on this list will become more positive than one below it, on contact under average conditions. (Smithsonian Tabla, 9th ed.) 'Asbcstos Woods, Iron Rabbit’s fur Tinned Iron Glass Cork, Ebony Mica Amber Wool Slate Quartz Resins Calcite Cu, Ni, Co, Ag, Sn, As, Bi, Sb, Pd, C. Cat’s fur Brass Ca, Mg. Pb Para rubber Silk Sulfur M, Zn, Cd, felt, human skin Pt, Au Cotton Celluloid Rock salt India rubber Table 2.63 Work Functions for Clean Metal Surfaces (Mean or recent values,‘ measured in volts) Potassium 2.15 Aluminum 4.20 Sodium 2.2.7 Silver 4.35 Barium 2.29 Iron 4.36 Lithium 2.39 Copper 4.46 Calcium 2.76 Mercury 4.52 Magnesium 3.46 Wolfram (100 plane) 4.59 Zinc 3.74 Nickel 4.74 Lead 4.00 Carbon 4.83 Silicon 4.02 Platinum 5.29 Tin 4.1 l " From D. B. Gray, «1., American Institute of Physio Handbook, 2nd ed.. McCraw-Hill, New York, 1963, Sec. 9}. ...
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