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Math 230 E Fall 2011 Intro to Abstract Math Drew Armstrong Location: Memorial Classroom Building 100 MWF 12:20–1:10P Instructor: Drew Armstrong Ungar 529 305.284.2186 armstrong@math.miami.edu Webpage: All course information will be posted on the course webpage: www.math.miami.edu/ armstrong/230fa11.html Office Hours: TR 3:30–5:00P Textbook: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking: Algebra and Number Systems , by William J. Gilbert and Scott A. Vanstone Homework: There will be six homework assignments, due typically on a Friday.
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Unformatted text preview: You may collaborate with classmates but you must write the solu-tions in your own words . Points will not be given for identical copies. No late homework will be accepted. Grade Breakdown: Your grade is based on homework and three in-class exams as follows: Homework 25% Exam 1 25% Exam 2 25% Exam 3 25% Honor Code: Collaboration on exams is strictly forbidden. Refer to the University of Miami Undergraduate Honor Code....
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