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MSC 243 FORECAST LAB #9, 11/22/11 JACKSON, MISSISSIPI (KJAN) Only quick answers are required. Lab needs to be turned in by 3.15pm. LOCATION (Google Map): Click Here A. CURRENT SYNOPTIC OBSERVATIONS 1. Go to http://weather.rap.ucar.edu/satellite/ and using the VIS, IR and WV, briefly describe the main weather system that is currently over the contiguous U.S. 2. Now go to http://radar.weather.gov/ridge/Conus/full_loop.php and and describe the type of convective feature/s that is associated with this system, and that is approaching Jackson. 3. Let's take a look at the local radar: http://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php? . What is the greatest amount of precipitation associated with this system approaching Jackson? In reflectivity (dB) and amount (in).
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B. FORECASTS 1. Now, let's check the Storm Prediction Center at http://www.spc.noaa.gov . Check the “Convective Outlooks” tab. In the “Current Day 1 Outlook”, which of the 4 outlook categories is over our area
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