Lecture - September 5

Lecture - September 5 - Wednesday September 5 2007 History...

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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday, September 5, 2007 History 313 Today’s talking points: 1. Jay’s Treaty 2. The Farewell Address 3. X, Y, Z Affair (Things to know: Orders-in-council, Tallyrand, Pinckney, Gerry) 1. Jay’s Treaty- Jay’s treaty created a very polarized America and may have been done in order to win an election and gain popularity. In the causal hierarchy of reasons for Iraq was a desire for a nice and easy war to ensure Bush’s re-election.- The treaty began in 1794 when Madison tried to push through a campaign to destroy British commerce and received help from Britain itself in 1793. Britain took 250 American ships traveling the West Indies from France. This action resulted from an order-in-council (an executive order issued by the King and Privy Council).- Madison attacked the British action in 1794 and pointed out the Britain sells to America two times as much as it buys from them. Madison wanted to cut trade with the British until they treated America fairly.- Hamilton’s program was about to be abolished, so he sent a diplomat, John Jay, to London to negotiate a settlement and advert war. Jay’s significant card to play was to threaten the British that America would join the League of Armed Neutrality....
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Lecture - September 5 - Wednesday September 5 2007 History...

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