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Unformatted text preview: MPO 551: Lecture 3 The Earth System (Chapter 2, Wallace and Hobbs) Components • History of the Atmosphere/Paleoclimate • Hydrological Cycle (and land surface) History of the atmosphere Webster (1994)‐ see class website for copy of paper Hydrological cycle How does this relate to E and P? Equivalent SLR= Mass/area of ocean/density of sea water = 7 m for Greenland ?? For Antartica? Water Balance E P T r T rin T rout and globally Trin Trout E P EP At what latitudes is Tr>0? Tr<0? Discussion questions • In the top figure of the blog, how do you explain the shapes of the two curves for precip. and evap. respectively? Are the areas under two curves the same ? And Why? • In the middle figure, how do you understand and explain the changes of precp., evap. and P‐E at different latitudes? ...
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