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"On the right is a sea surface temperature (SST) chart from satellite measurements. The chart shows the Gulf of Mexico after the passage of hurricane Opal. By looking at the SSTs, we can see the hurricane's track and the cool water in its wake that resulted from mixing of the top warm layer with the bottom cold layer. This chart was made using satellite measurements of infrared radiation emanating from the Earth's surface. Several wavelengths of IR are measured and they
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Unformatted text preview: must be peak wavelengths for a blackbody emitter, as well as wavelengths which will make it through the atmosphere without depletion. The IR is related to SST empirically and after processing, the data are plotted on a map like the one here. Difficulties can arise if clouds are present, but several techniques allow us to 'see' through clouds in some cases." Ryan Schuster...
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