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Shaun Dolk MPO 551 26/10/2011 3.9um IR Image – Ship Track Based on the processes involved in the creation of ship track trails, or cloud formation, we know these clouds are present in lower levels of the atmosphere. When combining visible imagery with IR, it becomes increasingly clear that these clouds (at least in the initial period after formation) lack abundant water vapor. This is determined both by the light, or grey color of the clouds in the visible image, as well as
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Unformatted text preview: the minimal observed temperature change using IR. When comparing the higher, cooler clouds in the image to the lower, warmer clouds, it is noticed that the ship track trails record temperatures only slightly cooler than the SST. Because of these factors, I believe the ship track trails to be in the upper range of low-level clouds (i.e., 2km) and posses less water vapor than heavier convective clouds below....
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