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TIPS FOR STUDYING FOR AN EXAM - without using examples or...

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TIPS FOR STUDYING FOR AN EX AM 1. Start Early. 2. Complete ALL assignments given for the material to be covered on the exam. 3. Review the concepts to be covered on the exam. 4. Read over lecture notes and Chapter Highlights. 5. Work appropriate review exercises. 6. Work the Chapter Test—refer to the Test Prep Video as needed. Remember, to be prepared for the classroom chapter test, you must be able to succeed on the textbook chapter test
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Unformatted text preview: without using examples or notes. 7. Before ending your study session, take a break (go walk the dog, watch TV, etc.), then work the textbook chapter test again without referring to your notes or examples. That will give you an idea of what topics you have mastered and which ones may require more practice. 8. Be Well Rested....
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