CM 335 Lesson _2--Geotech Site Visits

CM 335 Lesson _2--Geotech Site Visits - GEOTECHNICAL...

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9/16/2008 1 CM 335-GEOTECHNICAL ANALYSIS & SITE VISITS Instructor: Dustin Olson, MBA ´ Steps in a project ´ Using the Engineer’s Geotechnical Analysis ´ Understanding a project before your visit ´ Pre-bid Site Visits ´ Protecting yourself during construction ´ Soil Classifications STEPS IN A PROJECT ´ Predesign « Owner’s Needs Assessment « Understanding the Site ² Geotechnical Analysis ´ Design « Stages of Design—30, 50, 75, 90% Drawings all reviewed ´ Bid--Traditional « Project Documents distributed to qualified bidders « Bidders prepare bids based on project documents « Bidding Contractors find out who won @ bid opening STEPS IN A PROJECT ´ Preconstruction Meeting « Notice to Proceed is received from Owner/Engineer ´ Mobilization « Office setup « Environmental—Silt Fence, SWPPP Compliance ´ Construction Begins « « Topsoil Removal « Mass Excavation
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9/16/2008 2 STEPS IN A PROJECT ´ Construction Begins (cont.) « Utilities—Sewer, Water, Storm Drain, Pressurized Irrigation, Electrical « Finish Subgrade « Placement of Granular Borrow « Placement of UTB « « Asphalt Paving/Concrete Paving « Topsoil Placement « Electrical Finish « Landscaping STEPS IN A PROJECT ´ Project Closeout « Project Inspection by Owner/Engineer « Punchlist « Completion of closeout paperwork ² Guarantees, Warrantees, certifications, etc. « Removal of SWPPP Mitigation Measures
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CM 335 Lesson _2--Geotech Site Visits - GEOTECHNICAL...

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