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Unformatted text preview: 9/9/2008 HeavyHeavy-Civil & Industrial Construction Heavy Civil/Industrial CM 335-Soils & Equipment 335Instructor: Dustin Olson Heavy Heavy Civil & Industrial Construction Challenges Challenges of the heavy-civil industry heavyOpportunities Opportunities in the heavy-civil industry heavyWhat What are heavy-civil contractors looking heavy-civil for for in employees? Why Why is this an attractive industry? HeavyHeavy-Civil Construction HeavyHeavy-Civil Construction AKA— AKA—Horizontal Construction, HeavyHeavyHighway, Civil, Municipal. Involves Involves extensive use of heavy equipment equipment Roads, Roads, bridges, dams, pipelines, utilities, asphalt, crushing, etc. Scales HeavyScales of Heavy-Civil Construction Involves Involves extensive use of heavy equipment 1 9/9/2008 HeavyHeavy-Civil Construction Roads, Roads, bridges, dams, pipelines, utilities, asphalt, crushing, etc. Industrial Construction HeavyHeavy-Civil Construction Scales HeavyScales of Heavy-Civil Construction – Small—Residential Utility Installation, rock Small— walls, etc. – Medium—Parking lots, residential road Parking lots residential road repairs, repairs, municipal utilities, etc. – Large—Freeway construction/reconstruction, Large— large bridges, mass grading, large pipelines, dams Industrial Construction Water Water Treatment, Waste-Water Treatment, WasteDesalination, Power Generation, Mining, etc. 2 9/9/2008 Challenges of the Heavy-Civil HeavyIndustry People— People—Aging Workforce Technical Technical nature of our work Travel Travel Requirements Scheduling & Completing Projects Projects – Shrinking project durations Perception Perception of our Industry Heavy Civil/Industrial Opportunities Level Level cash flow through economic downturns Higher Higher Margin=$$$$$$ High High cost of capital limits competition Environmental Environmental Aging Aging Infrastructure – Transportation – Aviation – Water, Water, Water Alternate Alternate Procurement Methods What are heavy-civil contractors heavylooking for in employees? Communication Communication Skills Math Math Skills Bachelor’s Bachelor’s Degree Grit and Determination Grit and Determination Willingness Willingness to travel Internships Internships Why I like working in this industry? Challenge Challenge of the work Seeing Seeing what you have done Outdoors Outdoors Travel People People 3 9/9/2008 Questions? 4 ...
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