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Geo-Foam Fill

Geo-Foam Fill - Then the geo-foam is set in place and...

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Geo-Foam (EPS) Fill Pros the time required is reduced as no surcharge is needed, and no compaction is necessary a net zero can be achieved with over excavation lightweight, easy to handle Simple equipment needed Cons Material cost is greater More manpower needed for cutting and placement Process: The process starts with clearing and excavation. The first layer is a 10” bed of sand for the geo-foam to be placed on.
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Unformatted text preview: Then the geo-foam is set in place and finally a layer of Cellular Concrete Fill (CCF). The lightweight CCF prevents crushing of the foam underneath. A membrane is to protect the geo-foam from fuel spills, since hydrocarbons will dissolve the foam. In the final step road base and PCCP are then laid, bringing the structure to finish grade. On the outside a precast façade is placed around the geo-foam for looks....
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