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ExCredit1 Adam Newman

ExCredit1 Adam Newman - the case The categories that...

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Adam Newman JUS 444 1/25/2011 EC 1 1. What is your personal ecological footprint according to both websites? What might explain any differences between the two results? My ecological footprint on the first site was 6.9 planets and 30.6 acres global acres. The majority of the impact came from housing, food, and services. My footprint on the second site was 6 earths and 232.95 global acres. The first part of the results was relatively similar but there is a major discrepancy in number of global acres. I think this is because the second site asks a lot more specific questions that increase the acre value rapidly. 2. Which categories contribute the least to your ecological footprint? Why do you think this is the case? My lowest categories were goods and housing. I think this is because I am a fairly conscious consumer and generally do my best to minimize the amount of resources I consume at home. 3. Which categories contribute the most to your ecological footprint? Why do you think this is
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Unformatted text preview: the case? The categories that contribute the most are food and services. I think this is because my diet is high in meat and protein which is very damaging to the environment and I travel quite often both through the air and by car. 4. What could you change about your consumption habits or your way of living that would reduce your footprint? What factors (if any) stand in your way from making such changes? The most significant changes I could make are to have a more balanced diet that decreases the amount of meat I consume as well as decreasing the amount of traveling I do. Some inhibiting factors would be my extreme need for adventure and exploration and my high protein diet. I love to travel but it is nearly impossible to travel long distances without using a form of transportation that is harmful to the environment....
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