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JUS 444 February 1st, 2011 Lecture - Civil Rights Movement Top down effect Viewed discrete racial assaults as part of social structure Active Nonviolence Movement Chicano Movement Contribution to EJ movement Anti-Toxics Movement 1. Love Canal 2. Very little political organizing experience 3. “Grassroots Environmentalism” 4. Viewed discrete toxic assaults as economic structure 5. River flooded winter 1978 and the chemicals pilled and contaminated all the houses. Contribution to EJ Movement -Direct Action experience -Scientific/technical information -Conceptual framework the emphasizing pollution prevention -National Network building Social Movement Theory -Two schools of thought; Resource Mobilization : Assumes problems and goals are fixed and uncontested, Identity Based Theories : Focus on symbolic meanings of grievances/ goals constantly negotiated by movement members. Framing; A meaning construction process that is active, dynamic, contentious, and entails agency.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Collective Action Frames; punctuating function (catches your eye)!!!, shapes meaning for a specific action, prognostic function, frame resonance (effectiveness and mobility function). 2. Master Frame; Signifies meaning for an entire movement, broad in scope, easily elaborate, elastic/flexible, highly resonant. • Social Network; “organic associations” (issue emerges, reforms obtained, rise as needed) • Disruptive Action; Obstruct routine activities, known/understandable tactics, innovative to Generate Disorder/ Uncertainty • Political Opportunities: shift in the balance of power, formation of new alliances • Environmental Equity; exclusive focus on distribution, • Environmental Justice Master Frame; Social structure and economic structure. • Environmental Justice instead of racism; Sounds more positive and proactive, less radical, highly resonant, less confrontational. GOAL; change the global capitalist system...
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