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JUS 444 LECTURE Jan 27 - strictly equal. Utilitarianism;...

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JUS 444 LECTURE Jan. 27, 2011-01-27 Theories of Environmental Justice: Justice: Fairness, known to stimulate the brain in a manner similar to money and chocolate. Egalitarianism ; everyone has the same level of material goods and services, focuses on the relative position of the least advantaged. Moral criticisms; unduly restricts freedom, conflicts with what people deserve. Welfare Based Criticisms: Everyone may be materially better off if incomes are not
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Unformatted text preview: strictly equal. Utilitarianism; Pleasure, happiness, or preference satisfaction Welfare Based; maximize aggregate utility Moral criticisms: takes a principle prudent to individuals and applies it to society as a whole. Contractarianism (Rawls Theory of Justice as Fairness The Equal Liberty Principle Maximum Civil Liberties Libertarianism Young believes we should focus on minimizing oppression, domination, industrialization...
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