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Adam Newman Critical Essay Assignment Environmental Justice in the Global South JUS 444 4/28/2011 There is no question that environmental and social injustices take place around the world in a countless number of ways. Each containing various levels of the three distinct injustices, the case studies examined serve as a testimony to universally recurring distributive injustice, environmental racism and procedural injustice. A keen awareness of these environmental injustices is necessary now in order to equally distribute the power, resources and pure humility among all stakeholders in the future. Distributive injustices have been detrimental to many societies in the past and continue to create hazardous problems for many citizens today. The article " The Globalization of Environmental Justice: Lessons from the U.S.-Mexico Border" is a good representation of how Mexican border cities such as Tijuana are greatly burdened with "America's" waste. The waste is created by American companies or Mexican companies contracted mainly by American corporations for Mexican exports to the U.S. While the Mexican people get a small working wage, they are stuck with the disproportionate environmental costs created by their manufacturing. Furthermore, they are constantly reminded of the far superior economic well being of their Northern neighbors. The article, "The Politics of Garbage in Oaxaca, Mexico" also speaks to this same type of injustice in Mexico. The people living outside of the major city near the garbage disposal site are constantly ridiculed and forced to live with the waste from the inner city. In this case, Moore explains that because the people are not fairly compensated for their "dirty" living situation, the town essentially goes on strike from accumulating any more waste in their dumps as a way to gain political leverage. This is in similar fashion to the
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Newman, Adam_Critical_Essay_Assignment - Adam Newman...

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