Skull Valley Goshute Tribe

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The Skull Valley Goshute Tribe is a small tribe of 124 members who live on a 18,000 acre reservation. They were a fairly unknown tribe living in the vast desert of Utah. The tribe was struggling economically and desperate for some form of income to improve the reservation. An opportunity arose where the tribe could accept the placement of a storage facility of high level radioactive waste on their reservation from PFS in exchange for a monetary compensation. The reservation first became home to ecologically undesirable facilities shortly after World War II. In addition to these facilities many military territories surround the reservation and have performed many chemical and biological weapons test. Also, the state has hosted many hazardous waste and mix-waste disposal sites in the nearby areas of the reservation. The combination of all of these has lead to the present-day environmental situation. The situation definitely matches the concept of the treadmill of destruction because it is
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