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sources of food in Phoenix study area

sources of food in Phoenix study area - Accessible sources...

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Accessible sources of food: Within the chosen study area there are a variety of sources of food that are theoretically accessible by either foot or vehicle. There are three primary categories of food sources that each location can be typified by; grocery stores, convenience and liquor stores, and restaurants. The grocery stores consist of Carnicerias Rancho Grande and Moreno Farms. Rancho Grande is the main grocery store in the area and provides an array of options such as fresh meats and vegetables, Latino oriented goods and commonly used everyday food items. This store encompasses everything you would expect and need from a stereotypical grocery store while adhering to the specific needs and wants of Latino individuals. Moreno Farms is nothing more than a stand on the side of the road that offers a small selection of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Although not truly a grocery store, Moreno farms provide goods that cannot be found in any liquor store, gas station or restaurant.
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