Transit in the U.S.

Transit in the U.S. - Critique the distributive justice...

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Critique the distributive justice implications associated with the benefits of transportation by analyzing Joe Greng’s argument regarding the shifting goals of public transit in neoliberal cities of the US—including (1) the explicit social goals upon which government support for mass transit has historically been based, (2) the reasons for the emergence of economic efficiency goals and (3) how they conflict with the social goals of transit, and (4) the ways in which growing spatial divisions in US cities are hurting those dependant on public transit. Currently in the US a major shift in the goals of public transportation is occurring in neoliberal cities that function on low budgets and are facing an increasingly larger suburban population. When public transportation was a major focus of the US government it had two important social goals. The first goal was to ensure that people who do not have a vehicle or cannot drive one have mobility and access to jobs and resources. This goal arose due to a change in urban development which moved the advantage to people with cars and put people without access to cars at a serious disadvantage in mobility. The second goal of mass transit was to decrease the amount of people using cars and encourage them to leave their automobiles at home. The purpose of this goal was to minimize traffic congestion caused by single- occupancy cars and decrease overall pollution. Although these were the primary goals of public transportation there has been a recent
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Transit in the U.S. - Critique the distributive justice...

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