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Mod 10 study guide - SCM 300 MODULE 10 Study Packet Module...

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SCM 300 – MODULE 10 Study Packet Module 10: Performance Metrics Reading Assignments: Text: PUZZLE TEXT Pages: 173-194 EXAMPLES 173 Hewlett-Packard: holding suppliers to higher standards in china that government does not 185-186 Office Depot Example: being more environmentally conscious, decreasing energy consumption and saving money. 190 Hilton Switching to an electronic system that allows them to evaluate the performance of all hotels. Important because most hotels are franchises. OTHER CONCEPTS 174 What makes for a good performance measurement system? Why is performance measurement so complicated in a supply chain? What are some of the challenges? Must be visible and communicated to all members of the supply chain and allow for planning ahead. Challenges include using performance measurements that clearly show how the company is doing not theat just make the company look good 175-6 How is understanding the customer’s and supply chain partners’ needs important? Build brand loyalty, provide benefits to retail customers and suggest new products to partners. Deliver the right combo of cost, quality and customer service. 177-8 What are some problems associated with traditional metrics like Cost, Profit, and Revenues? They don’t reflect the underlying performance of the productive systems of an org. Financial information can be easily hidden or manipulated to make performance appear better. 178-9 What are some problems associated with performance standards? What’s the problem with performance variances? Can encourage employees to do whatever it takes to reach goals (even if illegal) and does not give incentive to innovate and improve. Decisions to correct variances may not be in the long-term interests of the company. 186-7 Know the seven specific supply chain performance measures discussed in the textbook. Total Supply Chain Management Costs : cost to process orders, purchase materials, manage inv. Cash-to-cash cycle time Production Flexibility: avg. time required for members tp provide sustainable 20% increase in production. Delivery Performance: avg. % of orders for the members that are filled on or before the requested delivery date. Perfect Order Fulfillment Performance: avg. % of orders among members that arrive on-time complete and damage free. E-Business Performance: avg. % of electronic orders received for all scm members. Environmental Perfprmance: the % of supply chain trading partners that have met typical environmental certifications. 191-4 What is the SCOR model? What are the 5 process categories? Briefly discuss the 3 levels of process detail. Supply Chain Operations Reference model:
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Mod 10 study guide - SCM 300 MODULE 10 Study Packet Module...

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