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Module 12 Study guide - SCM 300 MODULE 12 Study Packet...

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SCM 300 – MODULE 12 Study Packet Module 12: Supply Chain Information Technology Integrating a supply chain in the modern landscape is impossible without the proper information technology tools. Building an IT system capable of supporting a global supply chain requires a clear set of objectives, an IT strategy, and the correct tools to support the strategy. This module attempts to provide a brief overview of the available IT tools as well as a discussion of some of the issues important to managers in the position of making decisions about IT. Introduction and Basics – Slides 02-05, 22 How does this fit into the big picture? How does this filter down to the business process level? What are the requirements and goals of Business IT systems? SCM IT systems? Collect data from everyone, make data accessible to everyone, turn data into information. Requirements; communication, aid in planning, analysis, purchasing, scheduling, support supply chain compression What is supply chain compression? Why is it an IT phenomenon? Why is it related to mapping your processes? What are the potential positive outcomes of supply chain compression? More system coordination and liquidity, more effective and efficient collection. What’s the difference between data, information, and knowledge? Data is collection of raw details (names dates etc.), Information is meaning derived from data (freq. of orders, understanding the relationships between different data. Knowledge is understanding the patterns and the ability to make decisions based on info derived from data. How can IT help supply chains and supply chain managers fulfill their goals? What is the role of IT in the modern economy? Role is to help provide information not just data, make readily available for people to use and implement changes quickly. ERP and Software – Slides 07-15 What is ERP? Primary reasons for it? Why get it? Benefits? Risks? Problems associated with ERP Systems? What CAN’T ERP systems do?
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Module 12 Study guide - SCM 300 MODULE 12 Study Packet...

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