PEER EVALUATION MGT 440 - work B or C indicates work that...

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PEER EVALUATION FORM MGT 440 Guidelines Evaluate each team member’s overall contribution to BOTH team projects: Interview with an Entrepreneur and Elevator Pitch. For example, a team member took a lead on the Interview (carried a lager workload than others), but contributed less to the Pitch. This team member can still get 100% as long as the team agreed such workload distribution in advance. Fill in this form and submit via Blackboard / Assignments Please rate your fellow team members’ performance on a scale from 0% (lowest = didn’t contribute at all) to 100% (highest = exemplary contribution). Use the following scale as a reference: A+ (>97), A (96-94), A- (93-90), B+ (89-87), B (86-84), B- (83-80), C+ (79-77); C (76-70), D (69-60), E (<60) A+ or A signifies superior work, A-, B+ or B reflects excellent
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Unformatted text preview: work, B- or C+ indicates work that is average , and C and lower is below average. • If the rating is lower than 100%, please check (x) the ‘problematic’ areas (quality, workload, initiative). CONFIDENTIAL Your name: Adam Newman Team number: 4 Names (do NOT include yourself) Rating (0-100%) Q u al it y of w or k Car ryi ng fair sha re of wo rkl oad S ho wi ng in iti ati ve Felix Fink 100 100 100 100 Rima Reddy 88 x Bryan Prestwich 100 100 100 100 Other comments: Work was split up evenly and agreed upon. Everyone helped contribute to the success of the group. Me, Bryan, and Felix went to the site and conducted the interview. Felix and Bryan also wrote up the paper and Rima and I looked over it. Rima helped with the idea for the product for the elevator pitch and I gave the pitch....
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PEER EVALUATION MGT 440 - work B or C indicates work that...

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