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Homework set for Chapter 13 1. Jackson (second edition) 13.1 (hint, use Eq. 13.4). 2. Jackson (second edition) 13.2 3. Jackson (second edition) 13.3 4. Jackson (second edition) 13.5 5. Jackson (second edition) 13.6 6. A particle moving with constant velocity v is incident upon a target particle with an impact parameter b , and an istantaneous central force F = ze 2 R 2 e - R/a acts between the two particles. Here R is the interparticle seperation, and a is a constant length. 1. Find an integral expression for the energy transfer to the target particle in the
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Unformatted text preview: impulse approximation. 2. Estimate the value of the integral. 3. Given a uniform density N of target particles per unit volume, devise an integral which gives the energy loss per unit path length on the incident particle. Discuss the meaning of the any cuto±s you must introduce in the integral to keep it ²nite. 7. Jackson (second edition) 13.8 1...
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