song - Introduction On Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction On Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials Yong Song Department of Physics, University of Cincinnati,Cincinnati,OH,45220 Abstract Organic materials are important materials for the fast processing of in- formation and for optical storage applications. This paper tries to have a quick look at their properties and some effects. 1. Introduction Recent developments in the field of nonlinear optics(NLO) has pushing organic second-order nonlinear optical materials into practical applications. Nonlinear optical materials are the materials in which light waves can interact with each other[1]. This paper presents an brief introduction on the organ nonlinear optical materials. 2.Molecular Polarizabilities The following equation describe the normal nonlinear optical effects: P i = P ,i + ε ( χ (1) ij E j + χ (2) ijk E j E k + χ (3) ijkl E j E k E l + P is the spontaneous polarization and χ ( n ) is the n th order susceptibility tensor. ε Is the vacuum permittivity. E is the applied electric field. In organic materials the optical properties are determined by the molec- ular polarizabilities. The following equation expressing the molecular dipole moment p as: p i = μ g,i + ε ( α ij E j + β ijk E j E k + γ ijkl E j E k E l where μ g,i is the ground state dipole moment, α ij is the linear polarizabil- ity, β ijk is the second-order polarizability or first-order hyperpolarizability, γ ijkl is the third-order polarizability or second-order hyperpolarizability. The electric field is the one at the location of the molecule. 1 Fig1 shows the different of optical effects between first and second order nonlinear optical materials[1]....
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song - Introduction On Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials...

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