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ACC220WK1DQ2 (2) - Ethics for the Accounting Department So...

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Why are ethics so important in the field of Accounting? Ethics are important in the field of Accounting for many reasons one because employees that do all the payroll, budgeting, paying bills etc. needs to be honest and trustworthy. The Accounting Department need to be doing there job at 100% level all the time and very accurately and checking everything twice after. Honesty is very important in the field of Accounting because these employees are seeing confidential information about the company’s profile and their information. Trustworthy because the company has to know that the Accounting department that was hired they can trust that none of them would try to steal money from the company’s budget or the company in any way. Keeping information confidential from other people at other company’s is a big part of
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Unformatted text preview: Ethics for the Accounting Department. So that other companies don’t know any of their financial status or anything. Employees in the Accounting Department that dispose of confidential information need to make sure that it is shredded; this is another part of Ethics, destroying all personal information. Keeping excellent records management organized and updated constantly is another part of Ethics that must be followed in any company. Ethics is also important within an Accounting Department not to cheat its customers, another words being honest with what they owe and other business to business information. These are just a few reasons why Ethics is so important in the field of Accounting and through the rest of the business....
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