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Chapter 12 Concepts you should know for the exam Texture -- grain size of intrusive (granite) and extrusive rocks (basalt) Relative cooling rates of intrusive and extrusive rocks Rocks from lavas vs. pyroclastic rocks Mafic, intermediate and felsic rocks Know following: (Temperature, SiO2 content, Sodium and potassium content, Iron, magnesium and calcium content) Melting point as a function of chemistry, pressure and water content Partial Melting of magma-generating rocks Fractional Crystallization Shapes of magmatic bodies--- sills, dykes, batholiths Hot spots and volcanoes (mafic composition)
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Unformatted text preview: • Volcanoes at convergent margins (mafic to felsic composition) • Volcanoes at divergent margins ("oceanic ridges") (mafic composition) • Lavas, welded tuff, vesicular basalt,volcanic bombs, pyroclastic flows, volcanic cloud • Relation bwetween shape of volcanoe, its composition, chemistry of lavas and viscosity of lavas that form the volcano type …. Shield volcano… Cinder Cone volcano and Composite volcano • Dangerous pyroclastic flows cause almost 30 % of fatalities from natural disasters versus tsunamis (about 20%)...
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