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The managerial function I would choose is MOTIVATING this is an important feature of any company. For the employees they should always be told and feeling that they do serve an important role in the company by their supervisor and managers. Employees should feel motivated by supervisors and managers that they will move up and learn more new, exciting and challenging new roles as they grow within the company. Finally the company as a whole has to feel motivated that the company will succeed and that each person within their company will give a 100%
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Unformatted text preview: effort to make their company grow stronger. Motivation within any company is very important so that every department is completing there work in a time efficient manner. You see within any company there has to be managerial functions of direction and motivation that will help the company to organize job duties within the company. In order for each company to run as efficiently and smooth as any company should, along with planning goals and achieving them within a short amount of time...
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