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What are some of the different types of budgets? Some of the different types of budgets are: 1.) CASH BUDGET 2.) SELLING AND ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSE BUDGET 3.) MANUFACTURING OVERHEAD BUDGET 4.) DIRECT LABOR BUDGET 5.) DIRECT MATERIALS BUDGET 6.) PRODUCTION BUDGET 7.) SALES BUDGET 8.) THE MASTER BUDGET The budget type that I picked out of our text is Cash Budget. The cash budget is used to provide three main parts; cash receipts section, cash disbursements section and the financing section. The point of having a Cash Budget is to show the company’s expected
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Unformatted text preview: flow of cash that is coming into the company and going out of the company. The cash budget has a beginning cash balance and an ending cash balance with all the details of items taken out in between. This shows the company exactly what they started with and now what they will end with. The Cash Budget is one of the most important forms to prepare because this is like the heartbeat of the company. To let the company know it is making money and that expenses are getting paid....
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