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Sunshine Insurance Company Tina Suglia Axia College of University of Phoenix July 2008 My new business is called Sunshine Insurance Company; it is a small insurance company that will be in Springfield, Illinois. Our company will include about 17 employees possibly more as we expand our new business. The employees that we will have in our company are President which is my position Tina Suglia, since I am owner of the company. I will be supervising all employees, managing our company and overseeing all final business decisions. We will have two Managers who supervise, manage and work with all other employees. Our company will have two Brokers and two Underwriters who are mainly responsible in their role in keeping business coming into the company, keeping clients happy, meeting with clients and other tasks. Our claims department has two positions that will handle all claims from clients. Our
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Accounting Department will have two positions that will handle all parts Accounts Payable and Receivable and many other tasks. Our human resource dept. will have three different positions that will handle various tasks such as benefits for employees, training programs and many other tasks. Our company will have one Secretary and two Office Assistants who will handle tasks such as answering phone, prepare folders, phones, filing, copying, faxing and many other duties. Each position has a very important role in our company that we would not be so successful if we did not have them. Employees will do their job to the best of their ability, so we can get the job done right. Our company will grow bigger and bigger each year, with new clients we will be doing business with. Our company’s business type is of the business structure Corporation.
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ACC220WK9FINALPROJECT.doc (2) - Sunshine Insurance Company...

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